We offer an assortment of raw dairy and natural, farm-fresh products.

These products are for current Share Holders only.

We do not have a store front, nor are we able to sell any of the items listed to anyone other than our Share Holders.



A cow share is a one time fee of $25/share (Refundable when you stop getting milk).

Boarding Fees are $50/month, per share. A share translates to one gallon of milk a week.

CREAM – Available at the farm only

Fresh cream is available when we have more milk than we need. $20/half gallon, $10/quart, $5/pint

EGGS  (Available for pick-up at the Farm only)

$6.00/ dozen; The chickens are pastured and fed fish meal and oyster shells with occasional leftover milk and whey. No commercial feed or soy products are used.


This bi-product of milk is used for fermenting, baking or baby formula.  $5/quart or $2.50/pint.