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Welcome to Johnson's Acres - Raw Milk Dairy Cow Share

Kenny holding child standing with cows in fieldJohnson's Acres is a raw milk dairy that was founded in 2005 by the Johnson family, in the quest for healthier  food for them and their family.  Johnson's Acres is a Natural farm and uses no hormones or antibiotics.

We deliver to Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Morrison, Aurora, Arvada and Golden.  Our milk can also be picked-up in Brighton at Highway 7 and I-25.

Our cows are grass-fed but do receive a small amount of grain during milking. The grain is Certified Organic and consists of oat, barley, split pea and flax seed (no soy or cotton seed is used). The main treatment of the cows, if needed, is herbally and/or homeopathic-ally done. We grow our own hay and use no herbicides or pesticides on the land or the hay. We also purchase hay from local growers if the pasture is not producing enough for the cows.  The cows have access to pasture year round.

The eggs we supply are pastured with no commercial feed used, as well as no soy products.

Johnson's Acres provides top-notch: Raw Milk, Eggs at the farm, Cream as supply allows, Whey and great customer service.  We strive to provide the best possible products that are Hormone and Antibiotic Free.


  • Each cow share is a one-time cost of $25 per share.  One cow share equates to one gallon of milk per week.  The cow share is refundable if you choose to stop getting milk.
  • The monthly boarding fee is $40 per month per cow share.
  • If you are getting your milk delivered, we charge $5 per month regardless of the amount of milk you are getting in order to cover delivery costs.


Delivery process:

  • Milk is delivered by 2pm at each delivery site.  Picking up the milk is at your convenience.
  • Bring your empty jars back each week and put them in the refrigerator.


Pick-up at the farm process:

  • Come to the farm whenever you want
  • Bring your empty jars back each week and put them on the shelves outside the milk barn.




Contact us at: 303-452-8043, cell: 303-552-7739
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16381 York St, Brighton, CO 80602

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